Favorite Sports

I am going to write about my two favorite sports. My two favorite sport is football and lacrosse. In the middle of my paragraphs I will write why I like this sport. If you do not know football lean same is lacrosse. Would should play both of these awsome sports.

Lacrosse is a complex sport . You have to do a lot of running in the sport. You have to get your feet moving all the time. You have to try to catch the ball when someone passes it to you . You have to learn to scope it is easy all you have to do is keep moving your feet and stay low and drive with your sick low to the ground.

Football is a complex sport to. You have to learn the plays if you play o and d . It is easy to learn to learn the plays. If your running the ball you have to learn what space you go in through the line of the out side of the line. If you play d you have to learn the shot to go in . If you play line backer you read the qb and go after the ball.

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One thing we accomplished in our 20% project is sending our email we sent our email to Mr. Novak . We sent our email because we wanted to get the field in the back of the school. It will be for a good cause because the money we earn we will give the money to people that have cancer.A lot of people like football and a lot to f people like to exercise. This will be a great project.

Our goals in December is to get other mentor because are mentor has not responded.

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I am going to write about 3 Holidays and my traditions.


For Easter we go to a place were are whole family can come. We play games some times and play on the playground. We have a big family fest were we get together and eat. The grown ups drink beer and talk, but the kids play the games and go in the woods. Then we all go home and go to bed.

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Thanks Giving.

For Thanks Giving, we do the same for Easter. It is at night in the same place. We play man hunt , Football and hide and go seek. Then me and Mave have a sleep over at my house. Then we eat and I get the turkey leg . Turkey Zlatko Unger via Compfight


For Christmas we go to my house and open goods. We have ham and play xbox. Then we eat and play with are goods goods. Then we go to sleep and wait for are mom and dad to act like Santa . Then I wake up and open my goods.

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20% Project

My project is a football camp. The money that we raise, we will give to people that have cancer. Why you ask. We have heard about many people that have cancer, and we think it is not fair to have so many days or months to live. So, we want to help them, so the could live a happy life.

I am felling happy about this project and what we are doing because one of my friends that was in first grade had cancer, and that made my feel bad for the past two years. That’s why I am happy about this project.

Our major goals for November is to send the school board an email to ask to use the field by our school. Our other goal is to get equipment so we can get ready for the camp. We are going to find it by asking our mentor to use his.

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The view

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One day in Social Studies, I got bored.  I look out the window and I saw a field.  All of the sudden, a man comes out of the woods. He was followed by two others. Then 5 gray wolves come out of the woods. The wolves looked like they were ready to attack.  The men were running out of the woods and looked like they had running for awhile.  Two of the men had objects that looked like knives.  The other had a piece of metal that looked like it came from a car.

The men stop and the wolves surrounded them and the wolf leader came out off the woods. He came to the men and he stared at the men with no fear in his eye’s. The two men was scared and pass out . The five wolves brought the two men in the woods . The group leader and the wolf leader were face to face. What should happened next? Tell my in the comments below .

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Hi I am going to tell you about how many years I have been playing football and why I like it. I have been playing football for 4 years.  My dad made me play it so I would man up.  As soon as I went out there I, love it. I met some of my friends/ best friends there. I had a lot of fun when I played

My first year I was nervous because I never played before.  I didn’t know what to do because it was in the middle of the year. My 2 year I knew what I was doing and was good at it.  I got the nick name quick and nasty. It went on for about 3 years but it stop people said it got old.

My 3, 4,5 and 6 year was great I was doing really good because I would get a tattle every play. I was dong good up to 5 grade because I got  concussion I got out for about 5 weeks most off the preseason  The good knew was that we got into the play off but lost. The 6 year was bad because are line suck because they would stand p and not block. but we did not make it to the super bowl and that’s all for my blog .

You can learn about football at NFL


By: GotCredit @ Flickr By College

Jon knew he wanted to go to college but did not have enough money to afford it. Jon thought of getting a job, but he couldn’t find one that had enough money to pay for college.  He thought of going into the Army.  He asked his parents and they said no.  His dad said he could work for him and not go to college at all.  He really wanted to go to college, but his dad disagreed with him.  His dad wanted the family business to continue.

What should Jon do?  Comment below.



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   60yrs ago pumkin give away by Michael A DRYNA

 Pumpkin Batter by Emily

Give Credit

Activity 1:  I watched a video about image attributions.  It helped me know how to give credit to the person that made the video or the image. There are four things that are needed.  The first is the  image title. You then have to go to the search bar and copy the URL. Next is the creator name, which is who created the video or picture.  Then you have to find the license type.  I am really confident that I will follow the steps of attributions.

Activity 2:  

Photo: Dogs by Michal Ščuglík  at flicker

The wind strokes the dog as it looks into the sunset.

The fuzzy dogs fur shines black, white and brown.

As they lay together in the beautiful plaines they rest.

They are different dogs one is a Boxer and one a Saint Banard but they are both large.

Hanging from the Saint Banards beautiful face is a long pink fuzzy tongue.

The boxer may be glaring off at a time long ago.

The two of them seem to share life’s beautiful moments together.

Clear blue skies and green pastures made for a great day for running and playing.



Look At Me

  This is my Avatar. It describes me as who I am. As you can see I like football.  I also play football. But that’s not all. My favorite color is orange and black because it’s my team colors.  My favorite favorite color is green because it is everywhere and it is like.  My eye color is green!  My hair color is brown.  This avatar is made at Face your Manga.  Go check it out.  It is really cool.

My Passion

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             Football is the best sport of all . Because it is one of the funnest and one of the hardest . You have to be smart because if your quarterback you have to remember all the plays and that goes for the running back and the fullback and the wide receiver and the end. I play nose guard , tackle and kicker.    

             Some tips are learn the plays.  Do what the coach says . Always inside never out because if you go outside you will get beat to the running back. What I do in football is one of the hardest position. I play tackle.  Tackle is one of the hadest because you have a big fat kid on you.  Kicker is not so hard because you kick it and you go down the field.